Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charlotte in Martin & Martin 'Fritz'

Charlotte Jordan is a star optometrist studying for her PHD, while lecturing at Auckland University and working as an optometrist at Green Lane Hospital and Auckland’s Eye Institute.  Charlotte said she heard we had the best frames in Auckland and took time out from her busy schedule to organise some new gigs for herself.  We think she looks fab in her new Martin & Martin 'Fritz'.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

James McDonald in OG 'Mistinguett'

Television producer, pool shark and all round good guy James McDonald looking hot in his new Mistinguett by Oliver Goldsmith.  Funny thing is James' wife came into High St to get her eyes tested and James walked out with the new sunnies!  

Oliver Goldsmith Mistinguett circa 1967

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

URBIS Features Great Design

We received an email through our website today asking about the Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses featured on page 26 of the latest URBIS magazine.

We had no idea about this and so Kimberly (who is the most svelte and fastest of us all) rushed out to buy URBIS.

And there ......looking awesome was The Fuz........designed in 1966 this is one big, bold pair of sunglasses......its a standout winner this summer......and not just cos kiwis have gone mad over the 1960's and 1970's but because quite clearly its another design classic by Oliver Goldsmith.

The Fuz is instore at Teed St and High Street.

URBIS Magazine Issue 59, p. 26

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Specs and Rock N' Roll

We’re wondering whether we should be paying U2 a commission.  This week we’ve been inundated with past and new clients from many parts of New Zealand wanting to update their specs in time for the U2 concerts.  We have never thought of marketing our services specifically to rock enthusiasts but it makes sense. U2 have been around since the mid 70’s making the average age of die hard fans about 45 to 50.  That’s a scary thought for our Kay who, back in the early 80's, jumped security to talk to Bono backstage at the Logan Campbell Centre… but she’ll just have to get over it… cos aging rockers with declining sight make fantastic speckies.

Rupert in Dita 'Grand Reserve'

One of our favourite clients Rupert Smith looking great in his Dita Grand Reserve.  We have a new shipment of Ditas clearing customs now and should be in store Monday. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Our newest eyewear range has just arrived.  Zero G is a fresh take on eyewear with an emphasis on classic styling but with a modern feel. Although they don’t actually defy the laws of gravity, Zero G frames are very very light indeed.  They are alsotough, have no screws, have no solder points and most importantly they look fantastic. We spent a long time search for this special range and what is even more exciting …. we are bringing it to this part of the world for the first time.

Some people might be interested to find out that Zero G is  American designed and handmade in Japan from 100% surgical Titanium but what most people will be interested in is that these frames look fantastic and are incredible comfortable to wear.

Friday, November 19, 2010

EYEWEAR REVOLUTION happening right now!!

Historically impressive things have emerged out of hardship. After the great depression of the 1930’s young Americans did what they could to enjoy life and flocked to the dancehalls... BIG BAND swing was born. The silky, smooth glamour of the likes of Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Glen Miller was true American style.

What has this got to do with an eyewear blog? Well folks, the USA is where there is an EYEWEAR REVOLUTION happening right now!!  Hard times for Americans over the past few years has seen many people reject mass-culture like never before, providing an opportunity for independent, talented eyewear designers to shine.

We think its important to note the life that young independent American designers are breathing back into the industry... real grass roots innovation and talent. There is a determination to succeed, focus and an uncompromising commitment to quality.  We already have SALT, one of the most exceptionally well-designed and crafted ranges from America and we’re delighted to announce our recent addition, ZERO G. Whereas SALT is primarily acetate based, ZERO G is the PREMIUM TITANIUM range we, at MHPE have been on the look out for.   

WE have brought it to NZ for the first time and it’s in store NOW.

For years, we in New Zealand have been told by those that flog frames on behalf of the giants that great eyewear is European based. But at MHPE we know otherwise……And…….. lets face it which is more appealing…a continent that created Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, NIRVANA and Pearl Jam or a continent responsible for A-ha, Nena (99 Luftballoons), Basshunter and CRAZY FROG?

Ok we know …..that’s not fair and we do still have some great independent European eyewear ranges but … get our point…..or if you don’t… consider it this way. Why settle for house red when you could have a bottle of Napa Valley’s finest?

More information about ZeroG and its amazing super light (zero gravity), screwless design in our next blog.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shades of Genius - Prescription Sunglass Promotion

Each year we like to kick off summer with our annual prescription sunglass promotion.........   click here for details.....Shades of Genius

Because of its popularity previous years, the lens company we work with have provided a generous subsidy this year so we are able to reduce the cost of all prescription polarized lenses to the tune of $100 for single vision lenses and $150 for progressive lenses. 

We have a lot of fun each year contributing to the "hip" factor of our four eyed friends!  It couldn't be simpler, choose a fantastic new frame from either High St or Teed ST, and we'll do the rest to ensure you have the most stunning new pair of sunnies to enjoy summer

For those of you who haven't been to us before, not a problem!   If you've had your eyes tested recently, either bring your script in or we can get that sorted for you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

M2 Sunglasses

We love M2 Magazine and we want to thank them for coming into our stores and loving what we do.

The M2 stylists are a slick crowd and know what they're doing.  They've selected two of the most classic OG designs, the Lord and the Vice Consul to feature in the latest M2 magazine.  Both frames work brilliantly as a sunglass or an optical frame and both are in stock at High St and Teed St.

(Unfortunately there is a printing error in the price and the Lord and the Vice Consul are actually priced at $525.)

The Lord was designed in 1967 and made for Michael Caine who wore it in the famous shoot by the incredibly talented David Bailey.  With a smoking Caine staring straight down the camera lens, the Lord takes centre stage in this famous shot.

(remember kids, it's not cool to smoke)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New SALT swoops into MHPE

One of the great pleasures of running a small business is that we are totally in control of the direction we go in, no long emails, no drawn out board meetings........ just wake up "think, feel... act!". 

For us these days, being "in control" means only doing business with "ethical"  companies of the highest integrity.  All of the designers we purchase frames from share our goal of providing exceptional eyewear of uncompromising quality

One of our favourite design houses is LA based SALT.  SALT's designs are "pure, natural, uncontrived" and that sums up their approach to service as well.  Rachel Greffs basesd at SALT's LA headquarters is one of the true darlings of the eyewear industry......always accessbile by email or phone, nothing too much trouble, helpful and knowledgable.

(And she was kind enough to send us a photo!)

Here are our latest arrivals from SALT:

Fedex was fast!

And here is the right mess we get into before the frames go on the shelves...

The mess gets bigger...

And here is our new SALT stock, 50 pieces all together - it looks awesome!

Here are the new SALT models we've never had before... They look good too!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
  • The reason why you won't see many of our frames in other outlets is because we import most of our ranges directly from the designers who create them.

  • We are very selective about the ranges we carry, we will not compromise on quality.  A range has to be good enough for us...not the other way round.  We prefer specialist eyewear designers creating and making hand crafted quality pieces.

  • We do not carry any licensed brands.  We don't wish to seem rude but please do not clog up our inbox with querries about any of the licensed brands.  WE DO NOT CARRY THEM.  All the licensed brands can be bought at most eyewear stores across New Zealand but NOT at ours.  We don't rate the quality of most licensed brands, we don't do bling and fake jewels and we will not have gauche branding on the frames we sell.

  • We carry different stock between Teed St and High St with some cross over.

  • We will sell and post frames to other parts of New Zealand but with certain conditions, please ring us and we'll explain.

  • At this time MIchael Holmes is our only optometrist.  Our customers have made it very clear that Michael's dedicated approach to eye care is one of the reasons they keep coming back year after year. So we hope to be able to keep it this way for as long as possible by offering him lots of support from a highly efficient team of dispensing opticians, technicians and assistants.  Michael qualified as an optometrist in  Britain over 20 years ago and has recently added to his qualifications by completing a two year ocular therapeutics course.  Michael absolutely loves his job.  His inner "science nerd" means he does get quite excited about interesting eye conditions but be rest assured if your eyes are" boring" in optometry terms, he gets  equally excited over making an exquisite pair of glasses.

  • Michael's appointment times span Monday to Saturday and we will always try to fit you in within 4 days of making a request for an appointment even if it means a very early start or late finish to the day.  We are flexible and we will always find you an urgent space if you have an urgent problem or if you have broken your glasses.

Its always good to hear from you. Please keep the feedback coming and email us at if you have any queries.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2 Martins, 1 Peter and a Richard

Some of you who have been in to High St, will have met our new addition to the family, Richard Walker. 

Richard is a trained spectacle maker from the UK but has been living in NZ for the past 10 years.  Richard happens to know a thing or two about glasses and is a bit of a talent at picking out the right frame for the right person. He's pretty good at sorting out the lenses too.

Here is Richard wearing "Peter" by Martin & Martin in Crystal . You either love or you don't. 

Richard is one of the few people who can pull it off!

Martin & Martin Peter in Crystal

....  and oh yes here are some new arrivals from the Martins... enjoy!

 Martin & Martin Wilhelm

 Martin & Martin Lars

 Martin & Martin Paul in Green Tort

 Martin & Martin Paul in Red/Cream

 More Red with Cream...

 Martin & Martin Paul in Red/Cream and Grey Tort

Martin & Martin Paul in Matte Gray Tort

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ravishing Rounds - This Season's Sunglass Craze

Round makes the sound "Oh!"   

                                             ...and that's exactly the sound we're making over this seasons' sunglass craze.  Round, roundish and rounder please.....big chunky, small refined, who gives a toss just so long as it's.......yep round. 

Ravishing rounds from.... Oliver Goldsmith pictured below.

Oliver Goldsmith's Audrey in Crystal Berry (High St.)

 Audrey in Tiger Red (High St.)

 Audrey in Grey Honeycomb (High St.)

Koko in Black (Teed St.)

 Goo Goo in Black (High St.)

 Goo Goo in Dark Tortoiseshell

(Its so good its here twice!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Rich History of Oliver Goldsmith

Thanks everyone for your enquiries regarding the OG brand.

Yes, we are the only stockists of OG sunglasses in New Zealand and we are also the only NZ stockist for 
Claire Goldsmith’s optical range Legacy

Just to clarify things, here’s a bit of rich fashion history.  Claire Goldsmith is the young, energetic and fashion forward face of the Goldsmith family.  Claire’s great grandfather, the namesake of the Oliver Goldsmith brand commenced the company in 1926 and in the late 1930’s Oliver’s son, Charles joined the business and created the world’s first fashion “sun-specs”.

In the 1960’s Claire’s uncle, Andrew and her late father Ray developed a following amongst international film stars, celebrities and the discerning public for unique, beautifully made eyewear and sunglasses.  In the 1980’s the brothers decided to divide the company, Ray was to run the sunglasses and Andrew the opticals.

But sadly, not long after, Claire’s father Ray passed away.  He bequeathed the sunglass division to his daughter Claire, who today heads the OG sunglass brand and her own range of optical frames named “Legacy”.  Claire’s company is entirely separate from her Uncle Andrew’s who continues to make eyewear under the name of Oliver Goldsmith.

We do not stock any of Andrew Goldsmith's optical frames.  These days he and Claire have very different design tastes and we prefer Claire’s. Claire Goldsmith and her team are dedicated, passionate and talented.  Claire’s designs have their own energy and life force.  They   transcend fads and are already the design classics of the future.   

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beausoleil is Back!

You know you’re on the right track when a frame sells before you get it on the shelf

At MHPE, we have a silly competition going.  We list ranges according to how long the first one takes to sell from arrival on the shelf.  And we have a new record as one of the new Beausoleils sold before we had time to properly unpack it!

We are very excited by this “new look” BO series by Frederic Beausoleil. Faux Bois (which sounds better with a French accent) is wood looking acetate made from 70% acetate and 30% wood fibre.  As always Beausoleil epitomises stylish design but is forever practical. Thanks for providing us with a wooden frame we can adjust and fit perfectly.