Monday, September 21, 2015

Glasses Warrant of Fitness

Do your glasses need straightening, re-aligning or servicing with new screws or nose pads? A hard-worn pair of glasses are a sign of a life well-lived!

Whatever the reason for your mangled glasses, we are here to help. Bring them in any time (no questions asked) and where possible we will bring them back to life, clean them and fit them properly for you. 

All free of charge and just part of our service.

- Team Michael Holmes

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fabulous & Fresh from Goldsmith

Eyewear never looked so good

We are still eagerly awaiting a few new models from Claire Goldsmith that have not yet finished production. We'll keep you posted!
Claire Goldsmith has done it again. Feast your eyes on these stunning brand new designs straight out of London! Some of these new styles feature the added subtle detailing of textured acetate, which adds a whole new level of interest.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Glasses of the Week: Cracking Claire Goldsmith

Mark Kessner's new Claire Goldsmith glasses are the perfect fit without compromising style. The flat top of the frame front is classic modern while the lower level angles add interest. Modern design with a nod to the past, this really is intelligent style.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Can Art Change The World

We have featured the work of French artist JR before, so we are very excited to see his new book with Phaidon Can Art Change The World has just been released yesterday, and just look at the design!

And below is a screenshot from JR's new film Les Bosquets, about to be released...

Staring Contest

It's all about the eyes today! The subject of thousands of songs, poems and artworks, they are endlessly fascinating. Here are some renditions of our precious eyeballs...

Eye sculpture, Chicago

Charles Eames with Picasso's eyes

Image by Robert Doisneau, April 1953

Eye Benches, 1997 by Louise Bourgeois

The locust eye brooch, a 19th century trend of having a painting of your lover's eye in a locket or brooch

Monday, September 7, 2015

Glasses of the Week: Dapper Style

A gentleman who lives life to the full, we were charged with the responsibility of finding John Bell a dapper new frame to go with his cap! This Bevel model in smoke crystal was just the trick.

Sunglasses of the Week: RVS

Jenny Duncan came into our Teed Street store to collect her new Bevel glasses and came away with a brand new pair of RVS sunglasses! Jenny is the first person to be sporting these sunglasses in New Zealand, and she does a fabulous job of representing the brand. These New York-designed frames are handcrafted in Japan and feature the signature RVS matte finish - let's hope they help persuade the sun to come out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Glasses of the Week: Heaven Sent

Reverend Matthew Newton rocks his denim shirt with his brand new Bevel glasses. These matte smoke crystal frames are the embodiment of understated style, and really let the blue of his eyes and shirt do the talking. Matthew is from St Paul's Church and is studying a PhD ecclesiastical matters. Amen to these glasses!