Friday, June 15, 2012

Anas Hafeedh in the Wooden Beausoleil from Frédéric Beausoleil

Anas Hafeedh is an Architect working on High St and just couldn’t resist this Frederic Beausoleil take on a bit of “Le Corbusier” style.  Being interested in construction, Anas liked Beausoleil’s combination use of acetate and wood pulp to achieve a grain textured and durable frame.  Anas we hope the unique design features of this frames will serve as daily inspiration for you to make your own mark on the world of modern architecture.

Le Corbusier

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New arrival from Garret Leight California Optical

Garrett Leight loves music but says he wasn’t blessed with the talent to create it.  He also facied becoming an actor but didn't think Hollywood would consider him pretty enough……their loss, our gain!  These new arrrivals by GLCO speak their own language of pure optical love.   

Colour: Champagne with pure brown 

Colour: Matte black/ matte spotted tortoise with pure grey

Colour: Nutmeg tortoise/ matte spotted tortoise with pure brown 

Colour: Honey blonde tortoise with pure green

Colour: Leopard tortoise with pure brown

Colour: Black with pure grey

Colour: Walnut tortoise with solid brown

Colour: Grey fade with grey polarized 

Product photography by Omar Asadi

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nathan Branch in the Dale by Claire Goldsmith

Not double vision but double Goldsmith. You may remember Nathan Branch who featured recently wearing his new Carters by Claire Goldsmith. Here he is in another new set of Goldsmiths, the Dale in black liquorice. Nathan appreciates beautiful eyewear and we appreciate Nathan!

Friday, June 1, 2012

New shipment from London has just landed at MHPE

Many of you will by now be familiar with our passion for Claire Goldsmith Eyewear.  You may also have heard about Claire’s great grandfather Oliver Goldsmith who back in the day achieved iconic status as one of the most influential eyewear designers of last century.  With design talent pulsing through her veins and stand out original frame designs season after season, Ms Goldsmith is a star and has again put the Goldsmith name into the forefront of fashion eyewear.  Here are just a few of the beautiful new releases, we have in store.

Colour: Brown Tortoise 

Colour: Deep Sea

Colour: Elephant 

Colour: Black

Colour: Melon Tortoise 

Colour: Black

Colour: Matt Camo

Colour: Black on Claret 

Product Photography by Omar Asadi