Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kilsgaard on a 'High'

We’ve been open nearly 4 weeks at High ST… whoosh where has that gone?   Kilsgaard has proved one of the most popular ranges in the city so far.  The Kilsgaard aluminium range is designed in Denmark, cut in Italy, anodised in Denmark and then assembled back in Italy.  An expensive process but this makes a Kilsgaard tough and durable.  An aluminium Kilsgaard frame is incredibly light and comfortable and we love the matte finish. Thanks city folk for getting it and appreciating true quality!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

High St. Is Open!

And here it is... Our fabulous new High Street store. Come on down and say hi.

Here is what Design Daily has to say:

"A respect for classic design defines optometrist Michael Holmes’ latest venture – a boutique store that opened this week in the heart of Auckland’s High Street. 
With a crisp red to deep purple graphic identity complemented by dramatically enticing black, red and white interiors, the store is the perfect showcase for Michael Holmes’ beautifully made, high-end, designer eyewear. While the store has its own unique look, it’s the second one that owner Michael Holmes has established in Auckland."

And here is Design Daily's interview with Liz Kerby, our interior designer:

"Favourite projects you have completed? 

I recently did the interior design for stores for Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear in Teed Street, Newmarket and in High Street. I understood their branding and had to get their interiors on the right track. We’d already worked together so we had formed a close relationship by the time I did the High Street store"

Find out more about Liz Kerby.