Saturday, March 29, 2014

Glasses of the Week: Fiona in OG Tak

Fiona Wilson is our lovely neighbour in Newmarket at Kartell Flagship Store Auckland, and she looks stunning in her Oliver Goldsmith Tak sunglasses! Make sure you check out Kartell's beautiful furniture a few doors down on Teed Street.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Orgreen In Store!

We're excited to have brand new shapes from Danish designer Orgreen across both stores! Here's a preview of what's in right now...

Known for premium quality, an inventive approach to design and innovative colour combinations, ├śrgreen has always embraced the cutting edge over the safe and the cool versus the commonplace. Designed and developed in Denmark, each of their frames are handmade in Japan, using only the most high-end materials. Rather than build on fleeting trends, the inspiration comes from classic lines reinvented into a unique look all their own.

These frames combine a modern, confident face with a touch of soft femininity just beneath the surface. 

Features a deeper lens inspired by Annie Hall, and a sleek outline that’s ideal for a slim face.

Features smooth, sleek lines that often this rather rectangular shape, making them edgy - but without sharp edges. Appearing in delicious duo tones that merge intense hues with an uncanny sense of calm.

A tribute to female pilots like Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic. A wing formation can be perceived in the laser cut along the sides of these lovely frames. Designed for women who set their career sights high.

Evokes a masculine presence that doesn’t impose itself. A slim 50’s shape in a super light design where contrast is king.For the connoisseur who uses his frames to express his selective stance on style.

You know the devil-may-care confidence and easy swagger of a rocker onstage? That’s the idea behind Clash.

Represents our favourite edition of a style without compromise. A masculine, retro-inspired frame from the 60’s with bold outlines, boasting an arched bridge and a slightly rounded square shape. New modernism for men who mix business with pleasure in their passionate, unrelenting pursuit of happiness.

A super shape enhanced with more timeless temples. Enjoy a serious, clean look for the business-minded adventurer.

A true testament to design featuring clean, uncluttered lines and streamlined styles. Designed to appeal to confident men designing their own destiny.

Merging feminine lines with a striking keyhole detail on the bridge. A tribute to the talented icon of ambiguity, Annie Lennox. Sweet dreams are made of this …

Characterised by elegant curves, feminine lines and trapeze-shaped lenses. Perfect for women with an artistic angle on life.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby O.G.!

Miss Eden is our youngest model of Oliver Goldsmiths yet! Mum Kerry turned her back for a second and found Eden looking adorable in her black wood 'Yatton' sunglasses. A fashionista in the making! 

Glasses of the Week: Lorenz

Matt Chaplin looks very stylish in his new Martin & Martin Lorenz glasses. As a partner at Sumich Chaplin Architects Matt knows good design when he sees it!

Martin&Martin 'Lorenz' in colour 181

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Arrivals from Yellows Plus

We are very excited about these beautiful new models fresh in from Yellows Plus in Fukui, Japan. 
Brand designer Toshiaki Yamagishi excels at refined, sophisticated design and these new frames don't disappoint. Made out of Japanese zyl acetate and available in a range of gorgeous colours, we expect they won't be sitting on our shelves for too long!






Friday, March 7, 2014

Wes Anderson's World of Eyewear

Director Wes Anderson creates detailed worlds for his characters to inhabit, and it hasn't escaped me that eyewear plays a big role in his movies. In Darjeeling Limited for instance, where three estranged brothers take a rail trip across India to bond on the anniversary of their father's death, one brother notices near the start of the film that one of his other brothers is wearing their father's prescription glasses, despite the fact that they give him headaches. 

What better way to celebrate Wes Anderson's upcoming film The Grand Budapest Hotel than to recap on his amazing costume design throughout his career?


The Royal Tenenbaums

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Darjeeling Limited

Moonrise Kingdom

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oscars 2014

It's the biggest movie event of the year...

Will you be watching the Oscars when they air on Sunday 2 March? Will you be rooting for your favourites?

The ability of eyewear to transform a character always impresses me. Costume is so vital in building a world for the plot to take place in, and I can never get over how a pair of glasses can make such a difference.

Just look at some of these Oscar nominated movies...

American Hustle

Dallas Buyers Club


The Wolf of Wall Street

Looking forward to the show!