Thursday, July 28, 2016

Introducing Carnaby

Introducing Carnaby, the new sunglass design from Oliver Goldsmtih. 
Closely related to the Casper from the Icons collection, the Carnaby has all of Casper's interesting detail and combines a slimmed down silhouette with slightly softer edges than its iconic relative


Perfect Engineering Meets Great Design

London based designer Claire Goldsmith has perfectly combined premium quality Italian zyl acetate and steel to create two new designs. The contrast in materials gives an edge to the classic Goldsmith feel - a nod to the past with contemporary flare. We love it!

Timeless Cool

From the monocle to rimless frames - glasses have come an incredibly long way. With trends constantly changing it's often difficult to know what's hot and what's not.Round frames are timeless and continue to look great, even as styles change.Professors, hipsters, writers - Since the 1920s, individuals from all walks of life have been wearing cool round frames. They're still as relevant today as they were 90 years ago