Friday, July 31, 2015

Rain Rain, Go Away!

Winter in Auckland can only mean one thing - rain!
Your eyewear can get wet and smeary in all this weather. Here are our steps for the best glasses clean:

1. Wash glasses in luke warm water (not hot!)
2. Add a tiny drop of dishwashing detergent, rub onto lenses
3. Rinse and dry with a plain tissue (no aloe vera)
4. Polish with cleaning cloth

Cleaning cloths can go in the washing machine with your clothing every month or whenever needed.

Some people use cleaning sprays - if you do, try to avoid sprays with alcohol as they can damage lens coatings over time.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Instant Happiness

We've loved seeing our news feed full of photos of you looking amazing in your Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear frames as part of our Giveaway this month!

There are 3 frames up for grabs up to the value of $550 each.
The winners will choose their frame from our ranges in store.
One frame per winner.

Snap an image and get in there while you still can! Entries close this Saturday 2nd August.

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Glasses of the Week: Japanese Intellectual

Larry Lee tossed the tiny metal frames he had worn for years in favour of this beautiful new acetate frame by Yellows Plus, a look we call "Japanese intellectual". Larry it was a genuine pleasure helping you into some new rock!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Glasses of the Week: German Precision

Yonca Kavvas is looking radiant in her new Martin&Martin glasses. This new model from the German designers combines depth with a gentle lift to accentuate Yonca's eyes. These glasses are made from Italian mazzuchelli acetate in Germany - the matte black finish softens and flattens the front surface of the frame beautifully.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Take A Break

Happy Friday!
Whatever you do - unplug, explore somewhere new or just rest up - make sure you give your eyes a break this weekend, and they'll thank you for it.

'Eyes' by Robyn Britz

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Glasses of the Week: Family Values

Lucy Elliott, Margaret Trainor, Susan Trainor, Grace Elliott

Wearing: Garrett leight, Claire Goldsmith, Claire Goldsmith, Yellows Plus

Like good genes, great glasses run in this family! Here we have three generations of the Trainor-Elliott clan wearing spectacles from Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear. Spanning from Los Angeles, to London, to Japan, these glasses have been designed around the world but they share one thing in common - fantastic design.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Giveaway Update

Giveaway: 3 Frames Up For Grabs!

Enter to win one of 3 optical or sunglass frames of your choice

Send us an image of yourself wearing your fabulous frames from Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear, and be in to win one of 3 frames from our selection in store of your choosing, up to the value of $550!

We are now up and running on Instagram where you can enter this competition as often as you like, just make sure to use the hashtag #mhpenz or tag us on Facebook.
Be as creative as you like and thanks to those who have already sent in fantastic photos. Keep them coming!

Entries close 5pm Sunday 2nd August, the winning entrants will be announced on Monday 3rd August directly and via Instagram. Frame choice up to the value of $550, 1 frame per winner.

Featuring Michael Holmes & Kay McFarlane

Fresh off our win for People's Choice Award, our own Michael Holmes and Kay McFarlane were featured in RetailNews this week. See what they had to say below!

<BR/> Profile<BR/> Michael Holmes<BR/> Co-owner with Kay McFarlane<BR/> Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear<BR/> Newmarket and city, Auckland
When one of the country’s top bosses drove over his glasses just before an important event – where he needed his glasses – Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear were able to get him fixed in less than an hour. It was service of this type that underpinned the business taking out the People’s Choice Award at the recent ANZ Newmarket Business Excellence Awards.

1.       What business are you in?Making people feel fabulous in their new glasses.
2.       How is business?We have been through steady growth over the past three years.  The first half of this year has been amazing.  We added another optometrist earlier this year and have another starting in October.
3.       What are the big changes going on in your sector at the moment?The influx of multi-national chains.  Previously, the independent optometrist serving their local community was the norm.  As an independent New Zealand-owned business, it is challenging but important to be creative and offer a unique experience different from the chains.
4.       What’s working well for you at the moment?Having a point of difference.  Our frames are all designed and handmade by independent eyewear designers, leading the way in frame design.
5.       What are your challenges?When it comes to new glasses, there is no “one size fits all.”  We sometimes have some stressful deadlines, like recently when one of the country’s top CEOs dropped and then drove over his glasses on his way to a press conference.  Not being able to read without his glasses, we had to get something sorted in less than an hour, while the press conference was delayed.
6.       What is the smartest thing you’ve ever done for your business?Remaining proudly independent.
7.       Who has been your biggest supporter?My business partner Kay (who also happens to be my wife).  She used to be a lawyer and is good at all the stuff I’m not.
8.       Who has inspired you?The independent eyewear designers we work with.  Their passion makes it possible for us to offer a very unique optical retail experience.
9.       Where do you get your best advice?I belong to an online international forum of independent eyewear businesses.  This group is full of the most talented eyewear business owners and optometrists from around the world.  We can ask questions at any time and there is always someone outstanding to offer advice or their opinion.
10.   What’s a good piece of advice for other retailers?Develop a point of difference and a brand you’re proud of. Then be true to that brand …always.
11.   What’s next?We currently have two stores, one in Teed St, Newmarket and one in High St, Auckland.   There are plans underway to introduce our concept to two other New Zealand cities.  As we are a unique hybrid of medical care and retail, the difficulty for us is to establish systems for four optical outlets without  compromising our high standards of customer eye care or the uniqueness of the retail experience we aim to provide.
12.   Why do you get out of bed in the morning?I am lucky to meet the most interesting people every day.  Most of my clients have successful businesses or interesting jobs and it is a genuine pleasure getting to know them. I also work with a fun team who keep things running smoothly front of house.  We have our stresses but for the most, I can honestly say a day in my shoes is a pretty enjoyable experience.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Snap Happy!


To help celebrate our recent award win, as well as joining the world of Instagram, we are currently giving away 3 pairs of sunglasses / optical frames from our selections in store upto the value of $550!

Entering is easy: send us a photo of you wearing your fantastic eyewear from Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear by email, Instagram or Facebook - just make sure to use the hashtag #mhpenz so we can find you!

We have already had some fabulous entries as you can see below from our Instagram page - keep them coming!

Winners will be announced on Monday 3rd August. Good luck!