Monday, March 29, 2010

Do boys in glasses get the girls?

Michael and Kay’s 13 year old son Tom wears glasses for reading and copying off the board at school.  His main objective in making his frame choice was, he said, to “attract girls ”.  Tom felt that Dita’s “Royce” was most likely to achieve this.   Tom’s verdict after 3 weeks of wearing his new specs at school, “ so far not much luck with the women but I think I will do better with some new sunnies.”

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Legacy by Claire Goldsmith

Many of our clients will have had the pleasure of wearing a pair of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses this summer. This iconic British range of sunglasses was relaunched about 5 years ago, by Claire Goldsmith, the great grand daughter of Oliver Goldsmith. Now Claire has ventured out into her own range of optical frames, which we are proud to introduce to New Zealand. Handcrafted in Italy, Legacy by Claire Goldsmith demonstrates a new take on retro and is very 2010 and beyond. The range has all the flair and attention to detail of the family tradition and some amazing colour pathways……cotton candy, Tokyo tort and red lemonade to name a few.

SALT Optics

Oh, we are excited about eyewear ….here we go again. A young LA based company with years of design experience is breaking down the walls of international eyewear design. SALT Optics is a range worth singing about. It’s all about simple design concepts and balance.

Hndcrafted in Japan, SALT’s obsession with quality and craftsmanship shows. We are the first in New Zealand to offer this incredible range, which reflects the past and honours the present. SALT is a range of depth offering intricate colour combinations across beautiful acetate and titanium styles. We love the simple elegance of the “Martin”.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simply You likes Dita

Last year in Sydney we visited Australian eyewear designer Paul Taylor at his Paddington Store. We fell in love with his collection of Dita frames. Inspired by the 50's, 60's and 70's, Dita's LA based design team have created a range of beautifully made and refined retro models. We've brought Dita opticals exclusively to Newmarket and its been very well received. So well, that one of Simply You's sylists approached us for two of our Dita's to use in a “Workshop” fashion shoot.

Danish Design Classic

Check out this week's VIVA feature on Lindberg eyewear.  Lindberg is one of MHPE's top sellers and with good reason. Harking from the same country as design greats like Arne Jocobsen and Bang and Olufsen, this Danish master of eyewear has won more design awards than any other eyewear range. And that's with good reason too!  Lindberg has a unique and patented design system where all frames are screw and rivet free.  Amazingly this design feature also makes  Lindberg frames exceptionally light weight and durable.  They are perfect for people who are tough on their glasses. 

Lindberg was initially famous for exquisite rimless designs but now offer full rimmed titanium and acetanium (acetate and titanium) options. in an enormous variety of colour pathways.  These visionary frames stem from the Danish design principles of form and function, stripping back the unnecessary to reveal perfect balance and proportion.

The Lindberg wearer is a discerning eyewear enthusiast with an appreciation for the design classic.