Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mirror, Mirror

Yes! Now that's a bathroom. Some Saturday inspiration for the eyewear fanatics among us. We may need to do a quick reno of Michael's bathroom...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Introducing: VASUMA Eyewear

For part two of our new eyewear introduction we present to you Vasuma Eyewear from Sweden. Vasuma epitomizes minimal Scandinavian design, balancing modernism with classic timelessness. Couple this with Japanese craftsmanship and great things are achieved.

Vasuma Eyewear was founded by Jan Vana, Lars Malmsten and Steffen Sundelius in Sweden. They offer a collection of beautiful unisex sun and optical glasses, handcrafted in Japan using the best Japanese zyl acetate. After starting out in a cellar in 2005, Vasuma moved to their current office/showroom in Gamla Stan, Stockholm in 2007. Music, Movies, Food and popular culture in general is a huge influence on the Vasuma brand.

2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of Vasuma Eyewear, and we are proud to be introducing them to New Zealand.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Introducing: RVS Eyewear

We have not one but TWO brand new fantastic eyewear ranges now in store! These fresh and modern brands have reached our shores for the first time, and can only be found at Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear.

Today we introduce you to our new brand from New York. RVS Eyewear is a burst of colour on the eyewear scene; their signature hand-painted red screws and matte finish make sure they stand out from the crowd. 

Founded in 2007, RVS was brought to life with the goal of achieving the quality and originality of the past - frames made the way they uses to be. RVS Eyewear is hand produced by Italian artisans with over 60 years of tradition in the eyewear business. Each RVS frame is made from the best Italian zyl acetate with a matte finish. Every detail on each frame is finalised by hand, down to the signature hand painted red hinge screws.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bold Moves

Thanks to Canvas fashion editor Dan Ahwa for this fab focus on Bevel. Bevel is one of our favourite ranges for it's clean honest design, versatility and quality. Plus Bevel has one of the best company cultures, nothing is too much trouble. Stylish, quality frames and outstanding customer service. Richard Mewha, Rick Nelson and team, we salute you.

Glasses of the Week: Twice as Good

A busy lawyer and mum of two kids, Katie Carson still manages to pull off a high level of style and chose new Bevel glasses and Yellows Plus pink crystal sunglasses to update her eyewear wardrobe. Not to be left out, Katie's husband Joel just purchased his Claire Goldsmith glasses from us last week and was also featured here.