Friday, August 29, 2014

A. Henry in Healy

Andrew Henry lost his Claire Goldsmith frames but loved them so much he decided to get the same again! Sometimes you just have to stick with what you know works.

Andrew is the company owner and shoe designer for Your Shoes, based in Parnell. His sneakers speak our language - clean lines and minimal adornment.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Prue de Bie is looking lovely in her new pink champagne Garrett Leight glasses!

We love this on Prue! The transparent pale pink is a fresh alternative to clear crystal and adds interest.
This is a new design and colour from the young Californian designer, and is sure to be a hit.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Inspiration: Mid-Century Modernism

At Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear we pride ourselves on the ranges we choose to carry and their collective dedication to form and function; we specialize in clean lines and honest design with minimum fuss.

Mid-century modern architecture is exactly the kind of pared-back school of thought that inspires us. Architects such as Albert Frey, Richard Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright made this movement popular, particularly in the Palm Springs area of California in the mid-1940s and '50s, that came to be dubbed 'Desert Modernism'. 

Their houses hug their surroundings as well as highlighting them by working around natural obstacles such as rock or trees. Whereas others might simply bulldoze them, these architects incorporate them into the design. 

We look for this same aesthetic in eyewear; no hiding behind logos or unnecessary adornment, just fantastic designs using the best materials available.

House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Interior of a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house

Loewy Residence, designed by Albert Frey, photographed by Julius Schulman 1947

Floating roof gas station, Hannover Germany, 1953

Chuey Residence designed by Richard Neutra, photographed by Julius Shulman

Stahl Residence designed by Pierre Koenig, photographed by Julius Shulman 1959

Tramway Gas Station, designed by Albert Frey, 1965

Palm Springs City Hall, designed by Albert Frey

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marvellous in Martin & Martin

Sharon O'Meagher chose this beautiful Martin & Martin frame from Germany. Before this, Sharon was convinced that she doesn't suit glasses but we know that there's something to suit everyone!

We love this matte brown finish on her, it has a softening effect and the gentle cats-eye flick creates a feminine frame for Sharon's face.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

With Flowers in her Hair

Lucy Elliott is stunning in her new Sama glasses.

This feminine design from LA in a gorgeous matte finish is perfect on Lucy, who stars as Dayna Jenkins on Shortland Street. And she's not the only one who loves her glasses; her sister sometimes tries to steal them off her as they have similar prescriptions!

Thanks for sending in this image, Lucy. You look blooming marvellous!

Friday, August 1, 2014


We received a box of goodies from Martin & Martin in Germany. They have some wonderful new colours available, get a look in before they disappear!


We were excited to open a box covered in Bevel packing tape this week from New York and find these gorgeous new designs inside, as well as some familiar favourites. Bevel always get it right when it comes to classic, refined styles that will never look dated.

What A Guy!

Radio host, comedian and New Zealand's Sexiest Male Television Personality Guy Williams stopped by our store last week and came away with some serious eyewear in the form of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, which were the perfect fit for him, and a great pair of Garrett Leight opticals. 

Guy already owns some Garrett Leight glasses in matte espresso but this matte black pair are a very different look, being more round and with a keyhole bridge.We're loving his new look! Guy's original Garrett Leight glasses can be seen below on the cover of Metro Magazine.