Friday, April 30, 2010

Cutler & Gross erupts into store

Sorry for the wait…. but what with volcanos erupting and every specky in the world apparently wanting it, our new order of Cutler & Gross has taken a long time but it’s finally here today! Two very British chaps Mr Cutler and Mr Gross have been into frames for over 40 years now and have stayed true to their brand of chunky, masculine frames that look as good on women as they do on men.  These frames are impeccably manufactured and finished.  Very 60’s Britain……classy…….sassy.  But it doesn’t matter what we say or think because they are adored by MHPE clients.  By the time this appears on our website, we should have rung all of you who have reserved a frame.  For those of you who want to check it out, it might pay to “rattle your dags”.  Who knows what “Acts of God” we’ll  be up against with our next C & G order.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AVIATOR - SALT has the best taste

Was the Ray-Ban style aviator ever hot?  We're not sure and never really understood the appeal of the the big Ray-Ban "tear drop" lens.   At MHPE, we had pretty much forgotten the Aviator, which is easy  to do when one is spoilt for choice with an abundance of stylish acetate sunnies for men and women.  That was, until we discovered SALT Optics.  Their range of metal aviators have a softened rectangular silouhette that enhances any face, recognizable enough to say "Aviator" without being overwhelming.  The SALTs bring the ideal amount of aviator styling - wire frames, double bridge, time-tested temple shape - but they are gentle and don't dominate the face.  We have, in store, an impressive collection of these beauties... Brad Pitt's "Vargas"aviator (You see Brad photographed everywhere in this), Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's "Safford" aviator and Hugh Jackman's award winning "Nicolas".  All of SALT's sunglasses come with polarized, prism-free lenses. They're perfect for the style conscious person wanting a classic look they won't have to update every season. They're also perfect for one middle-aged Auckland Optometrist who says he  feels 20 years younger wearing his new SALT Aviator.  Michael, your colleagues and wife are truly happy you love your new sunnies so much (although we are not sure about the 20 year bit)....we don't mind all your reminiscing about the 70's and the bad TV you used to love... we're even learning to love the 70's vibes you keep playing at work... but please... just understand, wearing your aviator with a 70's unbuttoned shirt is going too far!      

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Philosophy

Occasionally we get asked why we no longer sell eyewear by the clothing couture labels. Due to a concern about a “drop off” in quality and also a lack of variety in styles across these “house” brands, we made a decision to move in a different direction. We also started to question whether the highly exposed branding on many of these ranges was a good thing. 
We went in search of and found a number of stylish independent designers throughout the world, who offer passion and innovation in eyewear design. It is a pleasure dealing with these small companies like Claire Goldsmith (UK), SALT (USA), Beausoleil (France), Martin & Martin (Germany), Cutler & Gross (UK), Lindberg (Denmark). These are all small, accessible companies specialised in the design and manufacture of superb eyewear. We can pick up a phone and know exactly who we are talking to. This accessibility also means we know what we are selling and where it’s made. We are kept up to date with new releases, which we can obtain at speed and repairs or warranties are not a problem.  
For us,  “smaller” is definitely better. The quality of eyewear is exceptional, service great and the designs from boutique eyewear specialists are in our view, way ahead of the crowd… a much better fit for MHPE. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Floor-To-Ceiling Drapes

In this week’s New Zealand Women’s weekly, the very lovely and very stylish Sarah-Kate Lynch entertains us in her “modern girl’s guide” with her personal journey of faltering eyesight, her love of Audrey Hepburn and her quest for Hepburn style spectacles.

For any of you who have read Sarah-Kate’s novels you will already appreciate her wit and eloquence.  So we were delighted when she put her talents into describing her selection of a pair of Legacy frames by Claire Goldsmith.  Sarah-Kate says “These are not glasses that disappear on your face as though you still had 20/20 vision, these are glasses that say your eyesight is failing and you are delirious with glee because now you can own a set of these babies. Not so much net curtains as floor-to ceiling velvet drapes”.

Exactly!  So far, we are the only store in New Zealand to have picked up on this amazing range of eyewear so here is a taste of these “floor to ceiling velvet drape babies”.  Oh, and by the way we hear that Sarah-Kate has a new book out shortly so keep in touch with her website for its launch date.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Martin & Martin

While the name “Martin” itself may not be one that is frequently associated with great design; when it comes to eyewear, this is definitely not the case.  Two German men, both named  Martin, teamed up to design Martin & Martin eyewear and their  latest range is a  “perfect fit” for Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear customers.  As with many of our ranges we have been the first in NZ to stock this beautiful eyewear and are very pleased that in only 7 months, Martin & Martin has become one of our most popular ranges.  German precision abounds, all models have spring hinges and are made to the highest quality.  The range consists of all acetate models with an elegant nod to the past and are available in subtle colour palettes of earth, autumn, black, marble and grey.  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Strand

Great design is like great wine.  Sometimes the stars align resulting in certain "stand-out" years. 1959 was one of those years.  Motown recording label opened, Martell launched the Barbie Doll, the Morris Mini came onto the market and Auckland's Harbour Bridge was opened.  So it’s no surprise that in 1959, one of the greatest sunglass designs was created by Oliver Goldsmith...... "The Strand".  Great granddaughter of this maestro of eyewear design, Claire Goldsmith has re-released the Strand and we are lucky enough to have obtained a selection of limited edition colours made especially for the Oliver Goldsmith store in All Saints Rd, Notting Hill.