Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A load of old tommy rot!

When Amanda Linnell, the editor of VIVA, requested an interview with Michael about selecting the right pair of frames, parts of this interview appeared in VIVA.  Michael made the point that at MHPE, there is one rule when selecting a frame and that is “there are no rules!

There’s a lot of blogging and cyber info. out there espousing do’s and don’ts regarding face shape, hair colour etc.  But we think that’s a load of  “tommy rot”.  An optical frame is the most prominent and usually the first fashion accessory to be noticed, so the most important aspect of selecting a frame is to find the right “culture”. And that’s down to fashion and personal style.  Sure it’s important to get advice from an optometrist or dispensing optician about the fit of the frame and the suitability of the frame style for the lenses.  But as one of our lovely clients (who happens to know a thing or two, since she has worn glasses for over 40 years) said to us recently “My glasses define me .”  And we agree. While there are no defining rules,  it is none the less all about “definition”.