Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Philosophy

Occasionally we get asked why we no longer sell eyewear by the clothing couture labels. Due to a concern about a “drop off” in quality and also a lack of variety in styles across these “house” brands, we made a decision to move in a different direction. We also started to question whether the highly exposed branding on many of these ranges was a good thing. 
We went in search of and found a number of stylish independent designers throughout the world, who offer passion and innovation in eyewear design. It is a pleasure dealing with these small companies like Claire Goldsmith (UK), SALT (USA), Beausoleil (France), Martin & Martin (Germany), Cutler & Gross (UK), Lindberg (Denmark). These are all small, accessible companies specialised in the design and manufacture of superb eyewear. We can pick up a phone and know exactly who we are talking to. This accessibility also means we know what we are selling and where it’s made. We are kept up to date with new releases, which we can obtain at speed and repairs or warranties are not a problem.  
For us,  “smaller” is definitely better. The quality of eyewear is exceptional, service great and the designs from boutique eyewear specialists are in our view, way ahead of the crowd… a much better fit for MHPE.