Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AVIATOR - SALT has the best taste

Was the Ray-Ban style aviator ever hot?  We're not sure and never really understood the appeal of the the big Ray-Ban "tear drop" lens.   At MHPE, we had pretty much forgotten the Aviator, which is easy  to do when one is spoilt for choice with an abundance of stylish acetate sunnies for men and women.  That was, until we discovered SALT Optics.  Their range of metal aviators have a softened rectangular silouhette that enhances any face, recognizable enough to say "Aviator" without being overwhelming.  The SALTs bring the ideal amount of aviator styling - wire frames, double bridge, time-tested temple shape - but they are gentle and don't dominate the face.  We have, in store, an impressive collection of these beauties... Brad Pitt's "Vargas"aviator (You see Brad photographed everywhere in this), Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's "Safford" aviator and Hugh Jackman's award winning "Nicolas".  All of SALT's sunglasses come with polarized, prism-free lenses. They're perfect for the style conscious person wanting a classic look they won't have to update every season. They're also perfect for one middle-aged Auckland Optometrist who says he  feels 20 years younger wearing his new SALT Aviator.  Michael, your colleagues and wife are truly happy you love your new sunnies so much (although we are not sure about the 20 year bit)....we don't mind all your reminiscing about the 70's and the bad TV you used to love... we're even learning to love the 70's vibes you keep playing at work... but please... just understand, wearing your aviator with a 70's unbuttoned shirt is going too far!